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Welcome to Cairns Social Sport Semester 2!

This semester we are running Mixed 6-a-side, Mixed Netball and Mixed Touch Football. All sports will run from week 3. Touch will be on Monday evenings, 6-a-side will be on Wednesday evenings and Netball will be on Thursday evenings. All sports will run down on the oval/basketball courts in-between 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm and all games will be less than 30 mins. 

There is a small fee to participate in each sport: $10 for SA+ members and $15 for non-SA+ members.

Please follow our simple registration process to nominate an entire team or to nominate as part of a team.

If you want to register as an individual and be put on a team please put in the following team codes (your team colour is grey in this case, which is the colour of the 2019 SA shirts!):

6-a-sde: Hooligans

Touch Football: Mud Crabs

Netball: Wonder


Email Brenton on brenton.ricci1@jcu.edu.au